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MedXcel is committed to providing value for its customers, who include clinicians, commercial supporters and accredited providers and patients, by meeting and exceeding the unique needs of each group.

Clinicians are consumers of continuing medical education, and they use the products and services of MedXcel to a) obtain credits to uphold their licensure and b) learn about recent developments in the field of medicine c) further their development as CE authors and speakers, and d) enhance their clinical practice.

Commercial supporters are educational partners who provide the bulk of the funding for MedXcel to create independent educational programs for clinicians. To obtain funding, both the company and the recommended activities must go above and beyond the goals and requirements of the specific commercial supporter who is supplying the grant.

To implement these activities, MedXcel often partners with accredited providers who expect strict compliance with the rules and regulations governing CE and utilize a variety of the company's products and services.

Finally, the primary goal for each of these groups is to improve the lives of patients, who are MedXcel's silent customers. 

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